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Do you want to have your own decentralized crypto exchange or mobile wallet? And do you want it to be secure, fast and scalable? Then the whitelabel solutions for decentralized exchanges and mobile wallets of Blockchain Projects BV might be it for you! Simply reach out to us via the contact form to learn more about our offerings.

Our whitelabel solutions are built on top of BitShares Blockchain, which is a very scalable Blockchain technology which comes with a track-record of many years and hundreds of millions of successful trades, all stored on a public ledger. The front-end of our whitelabel solutions can be fully customized and matched to your corporate identity.


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Why choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

As you may already be aware of, decentralized crypto exchanges have other characteristics than centralized exchanges. Particularly with regards to security and hackability as centralized exchanges are mostly operated from a central server whereas decentralized exchange runs on numerous distributed nodes. Usually, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges hold the funds, positions and information of many customers on a single server. Thus, customers have to trust that the security measures and infrastructure in place at a centralized exchange are secure enough to keep their funds and personal data save. With a decentralized exchange, there is no single point of failure and the risk of being hacked is close to zero.

Also with respect to cost and efficiency there is a difference between centralized vs. decentralized solutions. With a centralized exchange, you need to maintain the software and run the servers yourself. This will increase your operational expenses. The advantage of a decentralized exchange on BitShares is that the back-end is continuously maintained, updated and managed by the community. So, you don’t need to run your own servers or have personnel to ensure that your technology is up and running. Next to that, you benefit from a world-wide distributed team of bright minds who work every day on improving the Blockchain and adding new features. This saves both cost and time. Of course, you can also contribute yourself and suggest ideas to the community in the form of a worker proposal.

Advantages of a Whitelabel DEX by Blockchain Projects BV

Blockchain Projects BV offers whitelabel solutions for decentralized exchanges and mobile wallets on the BitShares Blockchain. The main advantage of buying a whitelabel solution is time-to-market. Depending on how much customization is required, you can go live within 2 to 4 weeks and have your first customers trading on your platform. We have several DEX solutions to choose from in different price categories. It is also possible to flexibly upgrade from a basic version to a more advanced version in the future.

We offer modular packages, meaning that you can choose several modules to be added to the whitelabel solution of your choice. You don’t have to choose right from the beginning, it is also possible to opt for a specific module later in the process. Examples of optional modules are:

  • KYC module
  • Mobile wallet
  • Gateway
  • Blockchain Explorer

Interested in all possibilities of our customizable decentralized crypto exchange (DEX)? Just reach out to schedule a call to discuss or request further documentation.

Why BitShares?

Have a look at the key points below and be convinced about the great characteristics of BitShares Blockchain just like we are.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A DEX allows for 24/7 trading with no middleman involved. Your customers can independently perform peer-to-peer transactions, trade, and even create their own tokens.

Proven Trackrecord

BitShares Blockchain is one of the oldest and most robust Blockchains out there. It has over 99.99% availability, more than 1,5 million accounts and has already processed hundreds of millions of transactions.

Community Driven

BTS holders have voting power that allows them to participate in governance and voting for worker proposals, committee members and block producers. It is democracy in its purest form.

Hundreds of Active Trading Pairs

Next to the BTS token, it is possible to trade in collateralized SmartCoins, such as bitUSD or bitCNY, and many other assets. The many trading pairs and arbitrage opportunities allow for liquidity on the exchange.

Real-time Trading at Low Cost

BitShares DEX is the only exchange that comes with transaction confirmation times of 1.5 seconds and transaction finality within less than one minute at a transaction fee of only 0,02%.

User-friendly and Secure

With BitShares you have named accounts and a very friendly community that is always willing to help, no matter what. The BitShares DEX is secure as no one can access your account or funds as only you hold your private key.

DEX created by a multidisciplinary team

Blockchain Projects BV has a multidisciplinary team consisting of Blockchain experts from different backgrounds. This allows us not only to deliver a solution of good technological quality to our customers, but also support them with other aspects related to running your own exchange. Think of the legal requirements in your country and how to build a flourishing business model around your DEX. Our multidisciplinary specialists have many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Software Development
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Crypto Accountancy & Finance
  • Business Developments & Consultancy

Members of the Blockchain Projects team are also well integrated in the community of BitShares Blockchain and Graphene. Our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Ing. Fabian Schuh, has been closely involved in technical developments since the early stage development of BitShares Blockchain back in 2014. Also, Senior Developer, Dr. Stefan Schießl, is a well-known BitShares community member who actively contributes to the BitShares UI Team. Being well connected to the inner circles of the community, we are up to date and informed about new developments going on with the Blockchain.

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Want to know more about our whitelabel solution offerings? Simply reach out to us via the contact form and we will get back to you.

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